Saturday Morning Tidbits

It’s a rainy but nice Saturday morning. The temperature is just right for this southern gal. So what do I do on a rainy Saturday morning? I bake. I started with coconut flour pancakes ‘cause I just want a little something to nibble on with my morning green smoothie. I move on to the coconut flour muffins, which I have adapted over the last year or so. Once they were ready for the oven, I went to my food processor and started on my black bean brownie recipe.

You might think I have a raging sweet tooth thing going on here, but all the recipes I just named are all sugar-free as well as dairy free and gluten-free. During this season, I choose to use pumpkin instead of oil or butter. I use almond or coconut milk in the place of regular milk. And for the sugar part, I used ripe mashed banana; a little green powdered stevia; and if I have it on hand, I use lucuma powder – it’s a great combo with stevia (cuts the bitterness of stevia).

Since I am pretty much sugar-free all the time, my taste buds have changed drastically. I can tell when regular sugar has been used in a recipe. It’s grainy, even though it’s melted. It’s exceedingly sweet. I just can’t handle the taste anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still crave something indulgent at times. This season we’re coming into, it will be hard to resist those treats.

However, I will pay the price for any overindulgence. My sleep is affected. Even my heart will do a dance in my chest – not such a pleasant feeling. Not to mention my joints will ache. Those are the things I notice. There are other things though that I don’t notice which will greatly affect my long-term health. Diabetes runs in my family. Heart issues too. I didn’t think cancer was going to be an issue in my family line, but no one is immune to the devastating diagnosis of the dreaded Big C. Cancer LOVES sugar. It will rob your body of any glucose it can find. Glucose is the main fuel source of our bodies and can’t live long without it.

I wasn’t much of a baker until I went gluten-free nine years ago. I had to learn how to make my own treats. I found several gluten-free flours which haven’t been too bad. But recently I have noticed a bit more indigestion. I have noticed over the last few months, I have gravitated to eating gluten-free bread two or three times a day. It has become a habit out of pure laziness. I just don’t feel like cooking my lunch or fixing a huge meal at night. Bread has become a “filler” if you will.

I decided this morning; I need to stop feeding my grain habit. I have a little bit more bread to consume. But once it’s done, I am doing a grain free fast. It will take a bit more preparation – in the store and in the kitchen. I have to see if this is the culprit to my indigestion. Time will tell. So this is the reason I chose to get in the kitchen and make some grain free treats with coconut flour and black beans. Good alternatives for the right recipes. Grain free means no rice for meals either. It’s going to take some adjustments once again. But I have done it before. We’ll see if this gives me the right results. I’ll let you know soon!


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