Daniel’s Plan

The first week of June, my family and I spent a week at the beach. It was a great time together. We’ve done this for the past twenty-five years. Usually vacation means vacation – no diet, no exercise, just rest and relaxation. However, it never ends well for me when I truly take a vacation … More Daniel’s Plan

Perfect Balance

The doctor I work with tested a new product a couple of weeks ago that is supposed to help alkalize the body. She asked her staff to test their pH and test the product. You would think the way I eat that I could maintain a good pH balance in my body. How can it … More Perfect Balance

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty had a problem. She couldn’t wake up unless a handsome prince kissed her. She had been cursed by the wicked witch. Do you feel this way – cursed because you have trouble waking up in the mornings? Experts tell us that 40% of the American population has sleep deprivation. That’s quite a few … More Sleeping Beauty

Gut Check

Have you heard the term “Leaky Gut” before? Before I was diagnosed with it, I had never heard the term before. Leaky gut or intestinal permeability is a malfunction in the intestinal wall. When the malfunction happens, undigested food, microbes, and toxins can leak into the blood stream. The intestines have a thin barrier of … More Gut Check

Blank Page

I am starting over again. The slate is clean. My nephew helped me get this website up and running again. And I am excited to see it come together. But it’s more than just a website. I want to see people connect with me in a new way. When I went for training in 2009, … More Blank Page