Perfect Balance

The doctor I work with tested a new product a couple of weeks ago that is supposed to help alkalize the body. She asked her staff to test their pH and test the product. You would think the way I eat that I could maintain a good pH balance in my body. How can it be that on average my body stays more acidic than alkaline? There are certain parts of our anatomy that has to be acidic to function properly – like the stomach for example. But overall, the body needs balance to function well. A pH between 6.5 and 7.5 is ideal for health. Testing requires peeing on a test strip to determine the state of the body.

I love being a guinea pig and testing new products. The first day, my pH was like 8.0 – which I initially thought was pretty good. The next day was 5.5 – what was different between the days? It was my diet. The first day I tested, I had been pretty much vegetarian the day before. I ate animal protein on the first day and ended up with an acidic pH the next morning. I tested the product on the third day after also consuming animal protein. I ended up with a 6.4 reading the next morning.

What difference does our pH make? Being more acidic (below 6.5) or being more alkaline (above 7.5) causes issues throughout our bodies. Being more alkaline creates more ammonia in the body which the liver needs to clear out; which requires a well-functioning liver. Very few people have the problem of being too alkaline. With the standard American diet (SAD), we tend to be more acidic. SAD is an acid based diet; heavy on the animal proteins and lacks real veggies – French fries and ketchup are not vegetables – they should be considered junk food.

Acidity causes more dysfunction throughout the body. It can trigger a problem with the heart. The immune system relies on a healthy pH. Bad bacteria thrive in a state of imbalance and create more imbalances. It’s a vicious cycle. Moving oxygen through the body is another important function of a healthy pH. Oxygen affects every cell in the body. If oxygen isn’t circulated and carbon dioxide builds up, the lung pathway becomes blocked causing various infections.

The bones get into this vicious cycle as well. The bones are the storehouse of our mineral deposits. When the body is acidic, the bones release the minerals which in turn cause bone density loss. Arthritis is related to a pH imbalance. Both forms of arthritis (rheumatoid and osteoarthritis) have an accumulation of acid deposits in the joints. The deposits damage the cartilage. Another problem is the uric acid build up; it’s like crystals deposited in joints causing pain. Uric acid also can cause kidney stones causing blockages in the kidney pathway. Even the skin gets involved with acidic conditions. Pimples, break outs of any kind can be a problem with acidic conditions causing inflammation and breakdown of one of our natural defense systems. Every system is affected by an imbalance – even emotionally and spiritually.

So what to do? Eat more alkaline foods like veggies and fruit, and limit legumes and animal products; drink clean (filtered or spring) water with a teaspoon of unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar (with the fermented “mother”) or with half a lemon or lime several times a day. Add in more dark leafy greens. And if you still need more help like me, supplementing with buffered C, magnesium, and l-Glutamine may get you where you need to be. It’s a matter of being consistently in the healthy zone.

I have some work to do – how about you? Will you make a few changes to your life and bring about a healthier balance? It could be the difference between life and death – in more ways than one.

Source for this article is found HERE


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