Finding Balance

So much of my time is spent listening to different speakers on health topics. It grieves my heart to hear of friends or family falling victim to the Big C. I have found though, it’s not the cancer that kills but complications or treatment. My Mom’s death was from the complications of surgery not pancreatic cancer. She got an infection that she could no longer fight because of her impaired immune system. However, if not for the infection, the tumor would have rendered her organs ineffective and would have eventually caused death. She was actually spared from much pain by the earlier death. If I only knew then what I know today, it could have been a different outcome for my Mom.

It has been said that cancer is not a disease but a symptom of a flawed immune system. The immune system can become incapacitated and allow cancer cells to overtake healthy cells. Cancer cells will rob the healthy cells of nutrition and energy. It will feed and multiple and destroy the body over time. It does matter what we eat and drink. The immune system can either be helped or hindered by our diet. Symptoms of an impaired immune system can be seen as frequent colds, the flu, autoimmune diseases and cancer, to name just a few. Even allergies are a symptom of an impaired immune system.

So what do you do? Choose good, whole foods instead of packaged, convenience food or fast food. Cut out the empty calories and artificial ingredients. Chemicals in our food (think about colas – diet and regular, and as well preservatives and roundup sprayed on non-organic plants before harvest) and in our homes (like “freshening scents” and cleaning products, and even makeup) can clog up the liver. When the liver can’t do its job to detoxify the body, the immune system has a more difficult job.

Each system has its own job to do, but they work together to keep the body in a perfect balance, which is considered healthy. There is really a three-stool approach to health. One leg is a physical component; the emotions are another leg and the last leg is the spiritual component. If one component fails, it can throw the body out of balance. Not only does the physical component cause a hindrance to healing, but the emotional component can disrupt healing as well. The Bible talks about the spiritual component to healing with forgiveness being a big proponent to health. Jesus forgave many before healing took place. He also said that those who came in faith were healed of their diseases.

I believe God brought humankind from the dust just as it is stated in the Bible. There are too many things connected to the earth through our bodies – the minerals we need, we get from the soil; the sun that enriches the earth with its light also enriches us with Vitamin D; even the probiotics that we have in our bodies come from the foods and soil. The evidence is just too overwhelming for me to believe that we came from a worm or an amoeba or whatever the theory of evolution is based on. So all the things we need to stay healthy come from God’s provision. Minerals from the earth in plant form; Vitamin D from the sun is a great deterrent for cancer (get your Vitamin D levels checked on your next blood labs from your doctor – request it); good probiotics keep the body healthy as well.

Sun also helps with our mood. Doing something we enjoy will also help the emotional component. We have two divisions in our nervous system – rest and digest or fight or flee. We need that rest and digest to work at the right time to help keep our bodies in balance. It’s essential to be able to absorb the nutrients from the food when we are in the rest and digest stage. When we are in fight or flee mode, our bodies are wired to stay focused on the lions in the bush; our bodies are wound up for fighting or fleeing. We cannot rest and digest and fight or flee at the same time. It’s one or the other.

The spiritual practice also has to be incorporated into our lives – meditation (on the Word, of course), prayer and community gatherings help in every respect of emotional and spiritual development. We all need to be connected to a greater life. Living in isolation only causes harm to you as an individual and to us as a whole. We need each other. We need balance in our lives – it’s essential for a healthy body.


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