Blank Page

I am starting over again. The slate is clean. My nephew helped me get this website up and running again. And I am excited to see it come together. But it’s more than just a website. I want to see people connect with me in a new way.

When I went for training in 2009, I had a vision to help others regain their health. Over the years, it’s been difficult to stay focused on the vision. My motivation waned. The vision was still there, but the fire had been almost put out. However, a spark still remained. I just needed a little kindling to get the fire roaring again. I think I got it a few months ago.

I started working with my natural health doctor to help her patients find their path to a healthier life. It’s been exciting to get involved again. For the last few years, I have been writing and working on my own health. Now, I am fit, ready and available. There’s a blank page before me. I have signed the line on the bottom that says however this page is filled out, I am all in! The blank page is in God’s hands. It’s His to do with as He sees fit.  I’m stoked! Let’s do this thing!


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